What a bloody good morning! New music from one of my absolute favourite Aussie bands in seven years and they’re so fucking good! I’ve always loved Gyroscope’s heavier sound and I’m so happy about these two songs and excited for what’s to come 💖😁

And a national tour to support too 🤗 


Gang of Youths – Go Farther in Lightness

If you haven’t spun this record yet, then please fucking do. Dave Leaupepe has such a beautiful way with words and I just cannot get over how much I love this album. This is coming from someone who has a pretty shit attention span for songs longer than 4 mins, but I’ve been captivated by so many songs on here including the slow burning opener ‘Fear and Trembling’. the ever delightful ‘Let Me Down Easy’ and heart tugging title tidbit ‘Go Farther in Lightness’. Anyway enough gushing, go forth and listen sweet bebes x

Have you got a moment to talk about…

The brilliance of one Jim Lawrie?

I know I’ve seen Jim perform a couple of times but I never fully investigated and I have much regret about that. Jim has a uniquely beautiful voice and a backlog of songs that satisfy my love of great melodies, emotive lyrics and storytelling. His most recent release is Slacker of the Year and includes my first favourite ‘Ties That Bind’ and a whole host of absolute bangers. Honestly though, I’ve now listened to everything available on Spotify and I’m a bit in love, so if you’re looking for something new to listen to this is my recommendation. The ‘Slacker of the Year’ blue award ribbon that came with the record is also one of the best things ever. 




Aliens – Slowly Slowly

This blog could be mistaken for an ode to this band, and rightly so since the inspiration came from the always endearing and affable lead vocalist Benny Stewart haha.

On a serious note though, Aliens is the newest single from Slowly Slowly and after many repeated listens I can guarantee the certified brilliance behind it. The opening notes showcase Ben’s beautiful softer vocals which slowly lead into some of the heavier, louder and more intense lyrical passages then I’m use to but that’s exactly why they deserve your attention. There is obvious growth both musically and lyrically from their debut release ‘Chamomile’ but they still retain the essence of who they are as band and this is something that I personally look for, respect and admire in the music I love.  The lines ‘ You get so sad and you get so high &, you won’t change but you keep on trying..’ have been stuck in my head for days and will definitely be stuck in yours too. Here’s the fun official video and the absolutely lovely piano vocal version released earlier today.

Aliens – Piano and Vocal

Grab a ticky to the official launch of Aliens at Howler below 👽✊🏼

New release Friday

Oh hey there poor neglected blog. Apologies for my absence, this year has been weird but there’s so much gold coming out of it. Here are a few nice slices, I’ll share some other faves while I continue to procrastinate from uni work.


Weeks at All – Robert Muinos



Vancouver – The Sinking Teeth



Future Heroine – Ecca Vandal

A Year in Review

Is it too early for end of the year lists? Ah well I’m doing it anyway haha

I listen to albums on repeat a lot, so that’s why my lists aren’t that extensive. I’ve also gotten really into City and Colour and Alexisonfire this year so they’ve just been on high rotation for a really long time. If nerdy stats are your thing though, I log most of my listening habits here.

Thanks 2016, you’ve been great. I can’t wait for next years offerings x

Top 9 Releases

  1. Slowly Slowly – Chamomile
  2. Ceres – Drag it Down on You
  3. Panic! at the Disco – Death of a Bachelor
  4. Camp Cope – Camp Cope
  5. Alex Lahey – B Grade University
  6. Anthony Young and the Next Man Dead – Tahi
  7. The Sugarcanes – The Sugarcanes
  8. Ecca Vandal – End of Time
  9. Regina Spektor – Remember us to Life

Honourable Mentions


Top 10 Singles

  1. Deathproof – Slowly Slowly
  2. PMTWGR – Slowly Slowly
  3. Choke – Ceres
  4. Happy in your Head – Ceres
  5. You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me – Alex Lahey
  6. Vines – Captives
  7. Done – Camp Cope
  8. Old and Grey – My Echo
  9. LA Devotee – Panic! at the Disco
  10. Ivy League – Alex Lahey

Honourable Mentions

PS. Yes I only chose 9 albums so I could have an even photo collage 😂