Ivy on the Fence Line – Slowly Slowly

I got shivers that had nothing to do with the cool breeze coming through Melbourne right now. I know I’ve mentioned my love for Benny’s quieter vocals before but here I am reiterating that point again. This is the first official song Slowly Slowly have released this year following a live version of the unreleased track ‘Dinosaur‘, and it is a delightful little morsel of the heart-wrenching goodness to come.


Come sell this one out ❀

PS. I hate that you have better hair than me haha


Stoic – Have/Hold

It’s been quiet on the Have/Hold front over the past 12 months but it’s because they’ve been writing heaps and playing shows. I delayed my morning shower just to listen to this and I’m glad I did. 

This is the first track from Have/Hold as a four piece and it is clear that something beautiful is brewing for their sophomore album. Stoic is gentle, rough and addictive and allows vocalist Luke Shields to play around with his delightful falsetto in a way that again solidifies why I love this band so much. Watch the amazing accompanying video, buy the track and come to their shows. See you at the water jug πŸ’–

All This Love – Tim Smyth & HolyTrash

Last night one of my good friends and I had a lengthy conversation about how underrated this band is and how much we already love them. I haven’t been able to get to as many of their shows this year but the times I’ve seen them they always blow me away and make me so damn giddy and happy. Today they dropped this single and it’s just made me so much more excited for their EP release. 

Get around these amazing legends, they’re honestly some of the best humans going around πŸ€—

Ps. Please drop it early next year so I can add it to my 2017 list since I’ve already done my 2016 one πŸ˜‚

Deathproof (Live) – Slowly Slowly

That heartwarming feeling one gets when you’re a tiny part of something huge is repeatedly felt when I get to watch this over and over again πŸ’–

This night was filled with that sweet and infectious sense of community that bands like Slowly Slowly have created with the biggest bunch of legends consistently coming together to support something very very important to all of us. I love you SS family, you are such a joy to be around 😘😘

Slowly Slowly ‘Chamomile” Launch – The Evelyn

It’s currently 4pm and I’m at work, waiting for 22:45 so I can leave and crawl back into my bed and sleep for 12 hours to recover from an epic set by the legends in Slowly Slowly last night.

Riding on the back of the very recent release of ‘Chamomile’ and the countless, well-deserved accolades, the room filled quickly with both old and new fans eagerly anticipating what was to come. Well supported by locals Hyder Seek, Jurrasic Nark, Max Quinn (‘s Onomatopenis) and Foam, Slowly Slowly had the crowd giddy with excitement and feels.

‘Elbows’ opened the set with lead singer Ben’s perfectly imperfect vocals pacifying the crowd before launching straight into ‘Hey You’. Old favourites ‘Go Easy,’ Later’ and ‘Empty Lungs’ were slotted in to round out the set-list and even very minor guitar issues couldn’t stop the crowd from screaming along and almost drowning out the band themselves. New single ‘Deathproof’ almost took out most sung-along track ‘PMTWGR’ with guest vocals by old mate Tom Lanyon, and it was clear on each member’s face that they were witnessing something special up there. Slightly worried about how the newest tracks ‘Black Confetti’ and acoustic-only ‘Chamomile’ would fare with the crowd, who were now jumping off stage without a care in the world, my fears were quickly squashed as they were each given the respect they deserved which was both comforting and beautiful to witness. As the set was winding up with ‘Good Friends’ and ‘New York, Paris’, it was clear from the massive grins and huge effort they put into playing, that Slowly Slowly finally understood the impact they had on so many people, and it honestly couldn’t have happened to a more decent, humble group of humans.

From the bottom of my very happy heart, thank you Slowly Slowly, you the real MVPs πŸ’–