Anthony Young and the Next Man Dead – Tahi

I pretty much just played this through ten times in a row because it’s that fucking good and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Ambient, beautiful, roots-infused music that goes all the way through to the soul 💖 

The legends are having a launch on Saturday 13th August at The Penny Black and it’s free! ✌🏼️


Art vs Music 3

I remember meeting Matt Violi (Annan Blix) as a young teen at Fist2Face and re-connected during its closing down period. Now he’s organising awesome things like this to showcase various local artists and musicians. I missed the last two but I’m super keen to catch this one and can’t wait to see Anthony Young again 😁 come hang and support your local scene 🙏🏼


Lincoln le Fevre – The Retreat

Just a note, l was half an hour late cause I was eating 😂 and then had to leave before Linc’s ‘Buddy Holly’ cover to pick up my mum, but Lincoln le Fevre shows are always some of my absolute favourites.

Tonight’s show at The Retreat was a songwriters session, which involved Linc talking about writing, performing and music in general and I was glad to have caught the end of cause it’s always entertaining watching Linc ‘talk shit’ as he calls it. For those expecting a professional set when they think ‘Hey, let’s go see Lincoln Le Fevre tonight,’ you will be sorely disappointed. However, those who are out for a really good time, you will be granted that and then some. 

I’ve only been going to his shows for a little under a year, but there is a certain endearing quality to Linc as a performer, and this is one of the main reasons why I continue to go to his shows. The other reasons include the lack of structure, the forgotten lyrics, the (bad) jokes, the heckles and his incredulouness when there aren’t any, the fact that I spend half the set grinning like a goofball and of course the music. The set tonight was no different and I’m so grateful my request for ‘Tracey’ was fulfilled, even though I’m always happy with whatever he chooses to play. The rest of the set that I got to see included ‘On and On’, ‘Dilletantes’, ‘Get Drunk, See Bands’, ‘Sweet Sin’ and ‘Hope and Crown.’ 💖

Linc is playing a full band set on Sunday night to support The Sugarcanes during their Old Bar residency. Head on down for some guaranteed good times, I’ll be seeing Albert Hammond Jr. so unfortunately won’t make it, but please go support all these legends!

Ecca Vandal – End of Time (EP)


  1. Running at People Exiting
  2. End of Time
  3. Truth to Trade
  4. Divided
  5. Battle Royale

If you haven’t heard or seen Ecca Vandal yet, then you’re really doing yourself a disservice. The Melbourne based legend snuck onto the scene during the later half of 2014 and has steadily built up a solid fan-base through her explosive live shows and small but incredible back-catalogue. After releasing singles White Flag, Battle Royale, personal favourite Father Hussla and End of Time, my anticipation for a longer release continued to grow and now here it is!

The End of Time EP includes the previously released singles Battle Royale and End of Time, and three new tracks which showcase Ecca’s diverse musical style perfectly. Adrenalin pumping opener ‘Running at People Exiting’ instantly draws your attention with the guitar seemingly responding to Ecca’s vocals in an enticing battle, while ‘Truth to Trade’ is 2.55 minutes of punk greatness reminiscent of No Doubt. The stand-out for me is ‘Divided’, a track dealing with themes of race and the family obligations experienced by each side in a cheeky but poignant way. End of Time is a great introduction to Ecca Vandal and once you’re done being blown away by it, go back to the beginning and check out ‘White Flag’ and ‘Father Hussla’.

Ecca is heading out to tour ‘End Of Time’ this month so come down to Howler on the 27th February and throw your support behind this talented bunch of humans.