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Bands I wish I saw – Drag


I listened to A LOT of Powderfinger back in the ‘Odyssey Number Five’ and ‘Vulture Street’ era and they’re both still favourite albums of mine. However, during the time between those albums I came across Darren Middleton’s side project Drag and was pleasantly surprised with the sweet, indie songs he wrote. The band released an EP called ‘Gas Food Lodging’ in 2002 and a delightful album ‘The Way Out’ in 2005 but after that, Powderfinger duties took over and Drag were no more. I found out today that they supported UK act Athlete on their Australian tour and I have the biggest regret for not going to that show cause Athlete wrote ‘Tourist’ which is one of my all time favourite indie albums. Ah well haha

I haven’t heard Darren’s recent solo stuff, and will add it to the list of music I need to check out but I’m happy that he’s still making music and playing shows. I don’t know how readily available Drag’s music is to be honest, but if you can find it, play it on a Sunday night to help yourself wind down 🙂