Ivy on the Fence Line – Slowly Slowly

I got shivers that had nothing to do with the cool breeze coming through Melbourne right now. I know I’ve mentioned my love for Benny’s quieter vocals before but here I am reiterating that point again. This is the first official song Slowly Slowly have released this year following a live version of the unreleased track ‘Dinosaur‘, and it is a delightful little morsel of the heart-wrenching goodness to come.


Come sell this one out ❤

PS. I hate that you have better hair than me haha


Useless Shit – Lincoln le Fevre & the Insiders

If you haven’t heard of Lincoln le Fevre then I implore you to rectify that as soon as possible. Yes it’s been a long time coming but all good things take time and ‘Useless Shit’ is catchy, honest and as endearing as the man himself. Check out the clip if only to see Linc’s delightful acting 😂 and head to a show in your respective towns 🤙🏼💖

Stoic – Have/Hold

It’s been quiet on the Have/Hold front over the past 12 months but it’s because they’ve been writing heaps and playing shows. I delayed my morning shower just to listen to this and I’m glad I did. 

This is the first track from Have/Hold as a four piece and it is clear that something beautiful is brewing for their sophomore album. Stoic is gentle, rough and addictive and allows vocalist Luke Shields to play around with his delightful falsetto in a way that again solidifies why I love this band so much. Watch the amazing accompanying video, buy the track and come to their shows. See you at the water jug 💖

Deathproof (Live) – Slowly Slowly

That heartwarming feeling one gets when you’re a tiny part of something huge is repeatedly felt when I get to watch this over and over again 💖

This night was filled with that sweet and infectious sense of community that bands like Slowly Slowly have created with the biggest bunch of legends consistently coming together to support something very very important to all of us. I love you SS family, you are such a joy to be around 😘😘

Ceres – Drag it Down on You


There really isn’t much else I can say that hasn’t already been said about ‘Drag it Down on You’ and I feel as though my words really won’t hold much weight, but I haven’t stopped listening to it since it was released and if that says anything in itself than I hope that this means something to someone =]

‘Drag it Down on You’ is the long awaited second album from Melbourne sweethearts Ceres, and is filled with the lyrically raw honesty that fans have come to expect from them. If you’re expecting a repeat of their 2014 release ‘I Don’t Want to be Anywhere but Here’ however, you may be disappointed as there is a depth, maturity and genuineness to this album that few bands spend years trying to perfect, but Ceres have managed to accomplish on their second full length, all while retaining their accessibility and local charm.

The first full playback left me emotionally devastated and unsure of what to feel, but an overwhelming sense of pride and respect was especially apparent. In a similar vein to Ben of Slowly Slowly, Ceres front man and all round legend Tom Lanyon sings in those imperfect tones that showcase the brutally honest heartache he writes about. Stand out tracks include the already released ‘Laundry Echo’,’ Happy in Your Head’ and very recent ‘Choke’, but ‘Nothing on your Shoulders’, ‘Talking’ and ’91, Your House’ have warranted many repeats and awkward but always fun car singalongs. It is rare to release a 14 track album these days but this is absolutely worth your time and each full playback will reveal a new favourite, or a gem that was previously missed. Reading through several interviews and the awesome track-by-track Tom gifted us with over at Rolling Stone, it is startling obvious just how much of themselves they have put into this album.

I’ve only been going to Ceres shows for two years, but they’ve continuously proven why they deserve all the rewards from their intensive touring schedule and I am just so bloody stoked for them. Honestly, just give it a whirl, check out their back catalogue and come see  them where they’re truly at their best, on the live stage. Click the piccy for the tickies link ❤