The Last Few – Karnivool

Putting this here because it’s bloody great and so I remember that it exists 💖


Alex Lahey – B-Grade University

Do you know those times where for some reason it just takes you forever to listen to something and when you finally do you lament all the hours of enjoyment you could have had a lot earlier? That just happened with me and this EP. What an absolute delight 💖


Deathproof (Live) – Slowly Slowly

That heartwarming feeling one gets when you’re a tiny part of something huge is repeatedly felt when I get to watch this over and over again 💖

This night was filled with that sweet and infectious sense of community that bands like Slowly Slowly have created with the biggest bunch of legends consistently coming together to support something very very important to all of us. I love you SS family, you are such a joy to be around 😘😘