Slowly Slowly – Chamomile

It’s currently 2am and I’m at work, struggling to write my assignment so I’m going to try and write about what is undoubtedly my favourite release of 2016 so far.

‘Chamomile’ is the debut album of Melbourne sweethearts Slowly Slowly. The self-produced 8-track debut is the stunning result of endless studio hours, various solo and full band shows around the east coast of Australia and what I can only imagine as a never-ending cycle of sleepless nights. ‘New York, Paris‘ and ‘PMTWGR‘ were both released earlier this year and became instant favourites but it is the other 6 tracks that truly showcase the talent and capability of this duo.

Opening track ‘Elbows’ subtlety introduces the album with a fragility that forces you to give it your full attention straightaway and leads delightfully into ‘Hey You’, with both harmonies beautifully recorded by Ben and punchy lyric ‘Despite what you’ve heard, mistakes will keep you warm at night!’ being shouted during many of my solo drives this week. Recent triple j Unearthed release ‘ Deathproof‘ has been a live favourite of mine for months and I’m so happy that it has remained very close to the version I became very fond of (just go listen, it’s fucking sick).

Slowly Slowly are not afraid to talk about their feelings and their willingness to admit to being imperfect humans is further explored in acoustic gem ‘Chamomile’ and newest of the songs ‘Black Confetti’, whose lyric ‘Bear in mind, there were signs from the start..’ breaks me in Ben’s most haunting vocal yet. Love, family and heartbreak are strong themes on this album but it wouldn’t be complete without a nod to friendship and ‘Good Friends’ where the vocal changes intertwine so well together you almost forget it’s all the same track, is the perfect anthemic addition.

Slowly Slowly write raw, honest music with lyrics that invoke memories and a sense of familiarity reminiscent of  Brandon Boyd (seriously, go listen to Morning View, you’ll understand what I mean). With Chamomile, they have bared their hearts and created something truly amazing and I’m so bloody stoked and proud of them. The boys are having a party to launch Chamomile on 19th August at The Evelyn where you can yell sweet nothings at them all night so come on down for a beer (water) and a sing-a-long ❤

For funsies I’m holding a little giveaway for this launch too. Details here 🙂



Laundry Echo – Ceres

Successfully avoided getting my face in this haha.

Drag it Down on You‘ is being released on September 2nd and pre-orders can be made by following the above link. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing 😀 If ya interested here’s the love letter I wrote about them earlier this year.