Camp Cope – Self Titled


I was going to wait until I had a chance to head down to Poison City to pick this up but I was too impatient so I’ve been listening to it repeatedly over the past few days on Spotify and it’s just perfect.

I had only seen Georgia Maq play acoustically a handful of times before Camp Cope was formed, but I remember being so moved by her beautifully raw lyrics and vocals that she quickly became a favourite to see. With the addition of bass and drums to G-Maq’s acoustic anthems, Camp Cope have created one of the best releases of 2016 and if their relentless touring schedule is anything to go by, they won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Previously released ‘Stove Lighter, Lost (Season 1) and Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams’ are a great introduction to Camp Cope’s 8 track debut, but if you really want to have your heart broken, repaired and warmed in under an hour, give the whole amazing thing a spin. Early favourites of mine ‘Flesh and Electricity’ and ‘West Side Story’ give an honest insight into the day-to-day routines of Georgia’s life, and heartbreaking tribute ‘Song for Charlie’ explores the aftermath of death in the most delicate and respectful way. I’ll stop gushing about it now but please just give it a listen, it’ll be one of the best things you do for yourself.

The lovely ladies have sold out their launch show on the 13th May at The Curtin, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for future shows.


New York, Paris (Acoustic) – Slowly Slowly

Hey guys, remember when this was released? ❤

It still gives me those goosebumps and feelies one gets when hearing songs that have positively affected you in one way or another. I didn’t think my life could get any more full of beautiful humans and moments, but my thoughts changed quickly once this band entered it. I’m in a constant state of gratitude for everything and everyone who’s been a part of that and I’m chuffed as for whatever comes next.

So much love Slowly Slowly ❤