Pussy Makes the World go Round – Slowly Slowly

My first introduction to Slowly Slowly was a random follow to an Instagram post of Tom Lanyon (Ceres) providing guest vocals, and even though the clip was only 15 seconds long, my interest was well piqued. Fast forward to present day, after countless performances of ‘PMTWGR’ with and without Tom, it has finally arrived for everyone to hear 😀

I’ve been waiting for a recorded version of this since the first time I saw it live, and I’m so stoked with what these legends have done with it. From the goosebump inducing first notes, to the lyrical gem ‘I’ve got a backbone built like driftwood, well traveled but you know I’m brittle’ to Tom’s harmonies and signature screams, ‘Pussy Makes the World go Round’ is 5 minutes of the purest emo-pop rock going around today. Ben’s emotive vocals will make you feel the hurt he sings about and the arrangements that he and Alex have created is evidence of the massive amount of love and passion they have for music and Slowly Slowly.

Give it a spin and come see these legends launch this single on Saturday night at The Workers Club. Presale tickets available here, download here and facebook event below!


Good Grief – The Sinking Teeth

I’m going to be absolutely transparent here and say that I only started listening to The Sinking Teeth properly when old mate Ado joined and sweetheart Ben Stewart left to focus on Slowly Slowly and even though I regret that, maybe it was just meant to work out that way for me.

I remember loving this song when I heard it live so I’m stoked it’s their new single. Wrap your ears around this banger of a tune and keen yer ears peeled for their upcoming album. How good is Melbourne’s music scene 😁👌🏼

Never Call – The Sugarcanes

Melbourne soul sweethearts The Sugarcanes released their video for one of my favourite songs today and you can check it out below! 😍☎️📞

Lucy Wilson has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard and I’m so excited they’re releasing a full length cause their EPs just aren’t enough! 😍 

Come see them launch what I know will be one of the most delightful albums of the year at The Tote Hotel on April 15th 💖 

Art vs Music 3

I remember meeting Matt Violi (Annan Blix) as a young teen at Fist2Face and re-connected during its closing down period. Now he’s organising awesome things like this to showcase various local artists and musicians. I missed the last two but I’m super keen to catch this one and can’t wait to see Anthony Young again 😁 come hang and support your local scene 🙏🏼


Artist Spotlight – Slowly Slowly


One of the best finds of last year were the beautiful legends in Slowly Slowly. Writing heartfelt, emo, pop-rock, they have officially released three brilliant singles ‘Go Easy, Empty Lungs and personal fave – New York, Paris <3′, whilst undertaking a hectic touring/writing/recording schedule.

Slowly Slowly are one of the few bands I heard before I saw and were one that I adored from the very first listen. There are bands who write songs that no matter where you are in life,  you will find one to relate to, and that’s something that Slowly Slowly have established and excelled at. Lead singer and guitarist, Ben Stewart is an endearing performer both on his lonesome and with a full band, and his remarkable ability to write songs exploring love, friendship and family is a true testament to the passion and love he has for his craft. The songs that have been released and played during live sets, display an authenticity and grace that I associate with bands like Have/Hold and Ceres, and is what fuels my desire to continue to support the Melbourne music scene.

I’ve been super lucky to see Slowly Slowly play so many times over the past 10 months or so, and they became instant favourites because a) they’re such a great band both on and off stage, and b) it was the only way I could hear the songs they haven’t put out yet and have them play in my head for days after. An album is in the works and should be released later this year but in the mean time head to their Triple J unearthed page and check out their current tunes.

Slowly Slowly play The Workers Club on April 2nd to help celebrate the end of their Summer tour and the release of ‘PMTWGR,’ so come hang and throw your support behind these great humans! 😀

Artist Spotlight – Ceres

Ceres are one of the hardest working bands in Melbourne who have had a massive couple of years since the release of their banger of a debut album – ‘I Don’t Want to be Anywhere but Here‘. The band have gone on countless national tours both as headliners and supports for international acts with great success, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of humans. Their other releases include two solid EPs – ‘Luck‘ in 2013, ‘Selfish Prick‘ in 2014, their self-titled first recordings which include my all-time favourite ‘Pomegranate’ in 2012 and the loved up single ‘Ceres is for Lovers‘ in 2015.

I don’t even remember how I first came across Ceres now, but they played a show with early favourites Have/Hold so I went along to check them out and they blew me away from the get-go. If you’ve ever attended a Ceres show, you’ll see why they consistently bring in the crowds and why they are so beloved by the Melbourne music community. Lead singer and guitarist Tom Lanyon is one of the most humble musicians I’ve ever come across, and his engagement with the audience ensures no one feels out of place at their shows. This is something that is rare, but when found, is the most comforting thing you can experience in such a large and beautiful community.

Ceres’ music is reminiscent of the 00’s emo era that I grew up with, but there is maturity both lyrically and musically, that few bands have had success with. Tom’s raw vocals hit you right in the feels as he explores themes of love, heartbreak and outer suburban living alongside some of the catchiest melodies you’ll ever hear. Although I’ve only been following Ceres for 18 months or so, I’ve noticed the audiences keep getting bigger, the band are playing tighter and the tunes continue to flow. It took me ages to rack up the nerve to tell them how much I love their music but I’m glad I finally did, as they are all so bloody humble and similarly to most of the local bands I love, treat their fans with genuine appreciation and respect.

Ceres have gone into hibernation for album number two but check out their current releases and join in a singalong to ‘I Feel Fine, I Feel Sick’ at their next show, I guarantee it’ll be some of the most fun you’ll ever have.

Bands I wish I saw – Drag


I listened to A LOT of Powderfinger back in the ‘Odyssey Number Five’ and ‘Vulture Street’ era and they’re both still favourite albums of mine. However, during the time between those albums I came across Darren Middleton’s side project Drag and was pleasantly surprised with the sweet, indie songs he wrote. The band released an EP called ‘Gas Food Lodging’ in 2002 and a delightful album ‘The Way Out’ in 2005 but after that, Powderfinger duties took over and Drag were no more. I found out today that they supported UK act Athlete on their Australian tour and I have the biggest regret for not going to that show cause Athlete wrote ‘Tourist’ which is one of my all time favourite indie albums. Ah well haha

I haven’t heard Darren’s recent solo stuff, and will add it to the list of music I need to check out but I’m happy that he’s still making music and playing shows. I don’t know how readily available Drag’s music is to be honest, but if you can find it, play it on a Sunday night to help yourself wind down 🙂

Artist Spotlight – Captives

Tasmanian born, mostly Melbourne -based band Captives are made up of Damon brothers Aaron, Mitch and Matty, Tasmania-based Marcus Wynwood and Melbourne-based Ben Thomas-Gill who also fronts local punk act Daybreak. Captives’ brand of punk rock is on the heavier side of things and it is honestly some of the most fun you’ll ever have.

The boys have been touring relentlessly over the past couple of years and have released two EPs – a self-titled venture in 2013 and ‘Butterflies, Diamonds and Lightning’ in 2014. Both EPs were combined and released as a 12-inch vinyl titled ‘Waking the Dead’ in 2015 with limited edition copies featuring photos by Dot Hopkins. An album has been in the works for most of 2015 and will hopefully be released later this year. New songs have been trialled on tours in 2015 and have made me so damn keen for the release that I have to remind myself not to pester them about it too much.

I knew of Captives from seeing them tour with My Echo a couple of times, but I’ve only been following them extensively for about a year and it’s been such a privilege seeing them go from strength to strength. Their songs make you want to dance and scream along to their catchy as fuck choruses and their live shows will melt your faces. No matter how big or small the stage, the boys in Captives will captivate (ha) your attention and destroy all your expectations in the best way possible. Some bands will struggle with five and sometimes even four members, but for Captives, this is exactly what they thrive on.

My favourite parts of Captives shows is watching Aaron run amok on stage, doing his best to annoy drummer and youngest brother Matty, who never breaks concentration and continues to play like a bloody champion. Captives’ genuine love for playing shows is always evident in their performances and is one of the main reasons why they are one of my top ten bands to see live. The boys have had a break for a couple of months but have two shows coming up so come along and check them out 😀