New York, Paris – Slowly Slowly

Similarly to everyone who ever listens to music I suppose, there are some songs that affect me more than others. The first version of New York, Paris, which was a beautiful acoustic version filmed in the home of Ben Stewart (vocalist and guitarist), was released at a time where I was going through a bit of tough time emotionally and mentally and its presence was one of those bright moments that kept me going.

With such a high regard for the first version, I was a bit hesitant for it to be altered and I remember a slight panic when Ben first told me they had a full band version too. But lo and behold they’ve done gone and created something even more incredible. I’m a sucker for a good melody and when it’s combined with great lyrics, which this song has in spades, I’m smitten. Listening to this version, I’m reminded of all the times I’ve seen Ceres play, and Tom Lanyon tells everyone to give ‘Upwey, Tecoma, Belgrave’ a chance because even though it’s slow to start, the end gets good. The same definitely goes for New York, Paris.

So head on over to the Slowly Slowly Triple J Unearthed page and wrap your ears around it, you won’t be sorry 😀

The boys go on tour soon too so come check them out at a show and I’ll give you a hi-5!

Slowly Slowly tour


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