A History of Cancer – Have/Hold

When your friends write beautiful, heartbreaking lyrics 💖 think I’ll get this printed and framed one day, after Drunk Letter of course 😍😍

“She would talk about my weakness in an emphysemic wheeze.
‘There are blisters on you baby that would bring me to my knees.”
She would ask if she could meet me in some histrionic bar
Just to let me down uneasy, hit me so hard I see stars.
And I don’t believe in love so I’ll spare us both the pain
And I’ll raise a glass to animals who would not act this way.
Then I’ll tell it like it is and when 15 years pass
We will act like nothing happened. Party’s over for both of us.”


Lincoln le Fevre – The Retreat

Just a note, l was half an hour late cause I was eating 😂 and then had to leave before Linc’s ‘Buddy Holly’ cover to pick up my mum, but Lincoln le Fevre shows are always some of my absolute favourites.

Tonight’s show at The Retreat was a songwriters session, which involved Linc talking about writing, performing and music in general and I was glad to have caught the end of cause it’s always entertaining watching Linc ‘talk shit’ as he calls it. For those expecting a professional set when they think ‘Hey, let’s go see Lincoln Le Fevre tonight,’ you will be sorely disappointed. However, those who are out for a really good time, you will be granted that and then some. 

I’ve only been going to his shows for a little under a year, but there is a certain endearing quality to Linc as a performer, and this is one of the main reasons why I continue to go to his shows. The other reasons include the lack of structure, the forgotten lyrics, the (bad) jokes, the heckles and his incredulouness when there aren’t any, the fact that I spend half the set grinning like a goofball and of course the music. The set tonight was no different and I’m so grateful my request for ‘Tracey’ was fulfilled, even though I’m always happy with whatever he chooses to play. The rest of the set that I got to see included ‘On and On’, ‘Dilletantes’, ‘Get Drunk, See Bands’, ‘Sweet Sin’ and ‘Hope and Crown.’ 💖

Linc is playing a full band set on Sunday night to support The Sugarcanes during their Old Bar residency. Head on down for some guaranteed good times, I’ll be seeing Albert Hammond Jr. so unfortunately won’t make it, but please go support all these legends!

Artist Spotlight – Have/Hold

How do I even begin to describe a band who mean as much to me as Have/Hold?! I’ll give it a shot hey 🙂

Melbourne unit Have/Hold are brothers Luke and Ryan Shields, recently added second guitarist Liam Davies and new bassist Reece Choucair. Their releases include a double single ‘Song For Bill Of The Trains / Dexamphetamine Blues’, ‘Calm Your Blood,’ the EP that made me fall head over heels for them and one of the best debut albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to in ‘King Salt.’ For me their sound has always been hard to pinpoint and describe to others but that’s one of the best things about them.

I came across Have/Hold as a result of wanting to check out all the support bands for Horsell Common’s reunion show in 2014, and boy am I glad I did. After almost walking out of the first show I went to before I knew what they looked like, to missing half a set when they played a show with Ceres at the beloved Rev, something about Have/Hold’s live shows kept me coming back for more. Over time, the effect that ‘Calm Your Blood’ had on me became more apparent and its intense beauty and sentiment is something that I still marvel at even after hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of spins haha. ‘Drunk Letter’ forever 👌🏼😍

I’ve always admired great lyrics and vocals and to be honest, they don’t always go hand-in-hand, but once in awhile I find that perfect balance and everything is right in my world. Luke Shields’ ability to write some of the most eloquent lyrics I’ve ever listened to reminds me that no matter how much I try, I will never be that talented in anything ever, while his vocals still basically smack me in the face every time I see Have/Hold live. There is a passion in Luke’s voice that will evoke a strong emotional response in anyone paying attention, and it was something that I similarily experienced when I first heard Trial Kennedy’s ‘War King’, Queen’s ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ and Regina Spektor’s ‘Samson.’

Have/Hold’s debut album ‘King Salt’ hit every expectation I had and then went beyond that. I remember Luke asking if I genuinely liked it or I liked it just because we had become mates and I couldn’t stop laughing at being asked that. A good handful of the songs had been played during their shows leading up to the album release, and I was so happy the ones I already loved had been included (Lithography, Resolutions, So Sang the Whale and The Old Country for those playing at home). The rest of the album however, proved to me once again why this band rank so high on my list. I’m not going to waffle on about it any more, I just urge you to give it a listen if you haven’t already done so.

I’m so grateful to this band, their partners, their friends and the Shields family for always welcoming me and for giving me a place where I feel so at home every time I see them. Thank you for everything Have/Hold 😊 I can’t wait for what’s to come 💖

Ecca Vandal – End of Time (EP)


  1. Running at People Exiting
  2. End of Time
  3. Truth to Trade
  4. Divided
  5. Battle Royale

If you haven’t heard or seen Ecca Vandal yet, then you’re really doing yourself a disservice. The Melbourne based legend snuck onto the scene during the later half of 2014 and has steadily built up a solid fan-base through her explosive live shows and small but incredible back-catalogue. After releasing singles White Flag, Battle Royale, personal favourite Father Hussla and End of Time, my anticipation for a longer release continued to grow and now here it is!

The End of Time EP includes the previously released singles Battle Royale and End of Time, and three new tracks which showcase Ecca’s diverse musical style perfectly. Adrenalin pumping opener ‘Running at People Exiting’ instantly draws your attention with the guitar seemingly responding to Ecca’s vocals in an enticing battle, while ‘Truth to Trade’ is 2.55 minutes of punk greatness reminiscent of No Doubt. The stand-out for me is ‘Divided’, a track dealing with themes of race and the family obligations experienced by each side in a cheeky but poignant way. End of Time is a great introduction to Ecca Vandal and once you’re done being blown away by it, go back to the beginning and check out ‘White Flag’ and ‘Father Hussla’.

Ecca is heading out to tour ‘End Of Time’ this month so come down to Howler on the 27th February and throw your support behind this talented bunch of humans.

Artist Spotlight – My Echo

I’m going to share some things about some of my favourite local bands/artists over the next few weeks to show some appreciation for the people who have so positively affected me over the past two years. I am not great at putting bands into genres or talking about who they remind me of, I just know when I like something and when I don’t so please bear with me 🙂

Cherry Bar, 2015

First up is Melbourne’s very own My Echo, a band hailing from various parts of regional Victoria, who write honest punk rock guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your body moving. The band have released two amazing EPs – The New Approach, a self-titled EP which can be found on iTunes, and a couple of digital singles ‘Do or Die’ and ‘Overworked and Underpaid’. My Echo have toured pretty much non-stop over the past couple of years, nabbing support slots with Jimmy Eat World, Kisschasy and Kingswood, and their funky, energetic live shows are truly where everything gets awesome. They’ve had a couple of set-backs which included broken bones and a line-up change, but they’re back writing tunes and playing shows and I couldn’t be happier. The boys are a great bunch of musos who genuinely enjoy playing music with and for their friends and this is what attracts and entices people to their shows.

My Echo will always have a special place in my heart, for if it wasn’t for their ability to make anyone feel like an old friend every time I saw them, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to continue to go to gigs on my own and hang out with a bunch of randoms who would eventually become beautiful friends of mine. So please check them out and come see them play!

Thank you for everything legends. Much love, always ❤



Snappy snaps

In the past couple of years I’ve attended my fair share of gigs, mostly local, and it’s still one of my favourite things to do. I take photos and sometimes videos on my iPhone so I have sweet, little mementos but they’re nothing compared to the photos taken by a few legends I’ve met along the way. Shout-out to these lovely, talented humans for giving me way better reminders of shows I’ve been to 💖

Sean McDonald


Shaina Kaye


Dot Hopkins


New York, Paris – Slowly Slowly

Similarly to everyone who ever listens to music I suppose, there are some songs that affect me more than others. The first version of New York, Paris, which was a beautiful acoustic version filmed in the home of Ben Stewart (vocalist and guitarist), was released at a time where I was going through a bit of tough time emotionally and mentally and its presence was one of those bright moments that kept me going.

With such a high regard for the first version, I was a bit hesitant for it to be altered and I remember a slight panic when Ben first told me they had a full band version too. But lo and behold they’ve done gone and created something even more incredible. I’m a sucker for a good melody and when it’s combined with great lyrics, which this song has in spades, I’m smitten. Listening to this version, I’m reminded of all the times I’ve seen Ceres play, and Tom Lanyon tells everyone to give ‘Upwey, Tecoma, Belgrave’ a chance because even though it’s slow to start, the end gets good. The same definitely goes for New York, Paris.

So head on over to the Slowly Slowly Triple J Unearthed page and wrap your ears around it, you won’t be sorry 😀

The boys go on tour soon too so come check them out at a show and I’ll give you a hi-5!

Slowly Slowly tour